I welcome you to the website of the Ghanaian Community in Geneva (GCG). The Community was formed in 2015 to promote the welfare of and foster unity among Ghanaians living in Geneva and its environs. The formation of this Community was inspired by His Excellency Ambassador Sammie Eddico, who was at the time, Ghana's Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the European Offices of the UN, WTO and other International Organizations in Geneva and Vienna.

The Community for formed mainly to promote the welfare of, and foster unity amongst Ghanaians through the organization of social and cultural activities and to complement the efforts of the Ghana Permanent Mission-Geneva in building and promoting a positive image of Ghana through participation in, or contribution to relevant activities

My name is Kofi Amekudzi, a Pharmacist and Public Health expert with a passion to bring health and development solutions to developing country settings. I have worked for and consulted with International Organizations such as the World Bank, DFID, USAID, UNESCO.IBE and WHO. I currently work with the International Labour Organization (ILO) as a Specialist in the Gender, Equality, Diversity and HIV/AIDS branch.

My vision for the Ghanaian Community is 3-fold.

First, as the first President of the Community, I believe we must lay solid foundations upon which future leaders will build. The beginnings of any endeavour are critical to the long term survival or sustainability of the endeavour. I intend to work with my executive to lay down the building blocks and structures of the Community.

Second, at this early stage it is important to inspire confidence in the Community. I intend to promote the welfare of Ghanaians in Geneva, showcase Ghana to the multicultural environment in Geneva, support Ghanaians in need, resolve disputes and generally make Ghanaians appreciative of the fact that there is a Community which is responsive to our needs.

Third, I believe in the mid to long term, we must find ways to harness the knowledge and technical expertise in the United Nations organizations in Geneva to fast track the growth and development of Ghana. We must explore ways in which our nation can benefit from the talents in Geneva. 

To make these dreams bear fruit, we ask for the full support and commitment of all Ghanaians living in Geneva and its environs. We are here to serve and with your support, we can bring useful programmes to you and to the people of Ghana. We count on your support.

Thank You

Members of the community

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